St. Paul’s Autism Research and Training Academy (SPARTA) was founded several years ago by Dr. Michael Lafasakis, after seeing the need for Autism awareness and the lack of services for children with autism and their families in a rural village in Greece. Having provided services for many years in New York, Dr. Lafasakis sought to create an organization that would advance research, as well as provide services and therapy for these under served children with severe Autism in rural communities. With this goal in mind, he created SPARTA, and throughout the past several years, SPARTA has taken shape, and has begun providing services in Crete, Greece. Our researchers have been hard at work, not only starting the operations, but also starting the research that we believe can expand on these practices, and hopefully one day help other children around the world who do not have the access to these resources.

Here are some examples of our humble beginnings, and how far we have come!

After hard work, we secured and renovated our first clinical office on the island of Crete in Greece. With this accomplished, we began training our staff, as well as beginning our first intakes and assessments!

As our mission states, SPARTA’s programs involve a multi-dimensional approach of treatment, education, and research.

We strive to help our students to give them a more independent fulfilling life!

As of Summer 2020, SPARTA is back to providing services, whether remotely or by following the proper social distancing guidelines.